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Who is Diane?

I am not the best expressing myself with words, that is why I decided to express myself with images.


But I can definitely tell you a little bit about myself. 

My name is Diane and I am originally from Madrid (Spain) where I originally started photography back in 2009.

Why photography? My grandfather was a photographer but I don't think that was the main reason that brought me here.


I have been always curious and creative, I always wanted to know how things work and why. And surprisingly, I always felt the same towards people.

I believe we are all special in our own way, We all have things that make us extraordinary, and I found in photography a way to show that part of every individual.


Also. being a model for a few years, before deciding that my place was behind the lens,  helped me to understand what people feel in front of a camera, it helped me understanding that it can be scary, so as a photographer my job is to make it less scary, more comfortable.


About my work, as I said I am better expressing myself with images so feel free to navigate here on my website and let my pictures tell you the stories I want to tell.


Thank you for passing by :) 




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