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Airbnb experience for couples


When I started the Airbnb experience for couples in LA I didn't expect to feel the way I feel now.

It is pretty obvious once you know me, that I'm a romantic person and "I'm in love with love" in all its forms, and this Airbnb experience is the perfect outlet for romantic gestures.

If you are wondering what this experience is about, yes, it is about photos, but it's also more than that, that's why it is an experience, not just a shooting.

I created this after thinking about it a lot, the initial idea was from my friend Leire, who has another experience in Airbnb (Check it out!) even so I thought about doing something similar for elopements before.

But I started thinking "What can I offer, for couples, that is going to be special?" and I did what I do best, I let myself go.

I love LA beaches, I had romantic moments myself with my husband in them, and I believe there's something special, like a lullaby from the sea that makes us feel different.

So those were the perfect places to me, to start an experience.

Same as with the rest of my photography, I like to know the people I have in front of my camera, I like to know why are they here, what makes them special, how they got to know each other, and I like to put a little bit of that in every photo, because photos are not just photos, they are stories. I will never get tired of saying this.

And today I wanted to talk about this last beautiful experience I had a week ago.

When Duke contacted me on Airbnb, and he told me that he wanted photos with his girlfriend because this was their first trip together, I thought it was the sweetest thing.

I proposed him some details to make it more special like flowers, since it was a surprised for her, and everything worked perfectly. Also, it was her birthday! <3

The moment I met them, at the Pier (Santa Monica), and he gave her the flowers I brought, I noticed that they way they smile, was special.

I think I can easily recognize that complicity and that immense happiness of having found your other half, and it's the most wonderful thing.

In every single photo I couldn't help but smile or even laugh, they were meant for each other, they were the cutest and the most perfect couple.

I told them when we started that they didn't have to pay attention to me, I was there to immortalize their moments together, they could be themselves and I would do my best to capture that.

This was funny, because she was more shy, but him... he loved looking at the camera! I was surprised that he never got photos done before, because he was super natural.

I don't know if this was an experience for them, or for me, because I enjoyed every moment, and I fell in love even more with the idea of doing this in a regular basis, because they really make you remember how beautiful this world is.

I wanted to dedicate this entry to them and to this experience because like every couple I shoot with, they have an special place in my heart, and I really wish they laugh every day like this day, and I feel also special for being part of such a beautiful moment in their lives.


If you want an experience like this, click on this link , and let me be part of your special moment :)

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