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Editorial: To have, not to hold.

It was about time since I have done something like this. Fashion editorials are something that I really enjoy doing.

When Leire (@eleilady on IG) and I talked about doing something with this aesthetic I was more than excited, and I am even more excited now seeing that I haven't lost my touch with this kind of editorials.

Leire is wonderful, I first knew about her through my mentor, Antonio Garcia ( a lot of years ago when I was living in Spain. He worked with her for a workshop and immediately ran to tell me how cool it would be for me to work with her because I would love her style.

Sure enough I saw her photos and I was sure we could do something great together but life is funny and we never worked together when we both lived in Spain, we ended up living in Los Angeles years after and here is where we decided to do this.

She is also a photographer and that is an advantage, we connected easily and the teamwork was wonderful.

This first outfit is from Punkrave Store and it was borrowed from Jimena Reno (Thank you!!) and when I saw Leire with it for the first time I knew I wanted her to pose for me with it, Aggressive but sweet at the same time is how I would define it, the sleeves and shoulders create that princess effect but the harness and dark colors are more fitting for a dark queen look.

I love creating fashion editorials in not-so-conventional places. The good thing about Los Angeles is that no matter where you go there is always something to discover and I found a few months ago a hidden gem in the north of the Valley that has served me well for different photo shoots, including this one.

Sadly, we suffer from fires pretty often in Los Angeles and this park was affected by it but for this editorial was completely fitting.

What I like about editorials is that you can always create a theme or a story and I always think that photography is the best way to tell stories.

The outfit, the place where you are shooting at, the poses and even the editing play a role in how the story is created and what exactly you want people to feel when they see your pictures.

When editing these pictures I felt that warm colors would be the perfect match with her expressions. We are in a dark, melancholic story with what we could call an evil queen style that little by little becomes vulnerable, like a transformation.

And sometimes in life we realize that we need to change, sometimes we need to be another person, and stop being attached to things, to a personality and to a lot of things that makes us live in a cage.

I would say this is what you can feel in this editorial, the transformation we experience sometimes in our lives.

I like how in these last ones she looks more directly at the camera, giving you a feel that she is now proud of what she is.

I hope you guys enjoyed this editorial as much as me. Working with wonderful people makes everything easy and fun.


Model, wardrobe and makeup : Leire (@eleilady)

Assistants : Jimena ( @jimenareno) & Brendan (@behemothcosplay)

Wardrobe: Punkrave Store


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