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My love letter to cosplay (quoting Adam Savage)

Isn't it awesome, when you can spend your time working in one of your passions? The answer is an absolute YES. But what if I tell you, that you could combine two passions and work on both, at the same time.

Sounds good right? To me is more than that.

I think that at this point you already noticed that I'm one of those, I'm a nerd. Or geek, or whatever category you decide to put me in, but yes, I like comics, anime and I like to dress up as characters.

This started back in 2007. Back then in Spain (the country where I am from) conventions where really small, and cosplay wasn't a popular thing.

It didn't matter to me, we didn't have Instagram, or super elaborated cosplays, but we had something we still have nowadays: passion.

And I wanted to quote something Adam Savage said on his Ted Talk about cosplay "My love letter to cosplay" (Which I highly recommend you to watch) :

"We're connecting with something important inside of us. The costumes are how we reveal ourselves to each other." 

Cosplay has brought me many things throughout my life, something to look forward to with every convention, a beautiful man to call my husband (fun fact, yes, I met him because of cosplay) friends, and even an excuse to do one of my favorite kinds of photography, and here is when they both get together.

When I started photography, I was obsessed with cinematic style photos (years of film influence, exactly) and I decided, that was going to be my style.

I used to even create characters for my shootings. I was already into cosplay, so finding the perfect clothes or props was an easy part of the process to me.

I even started a personal project recreating the characters from A song of Ice and Fire (Game of thrones, but the books saga) in the way I imagined them.

"I'm sorry about this but my model, Julia, is way more beautiful than Daenerys herself, just saying"

Then I realized that wasn't gonna take me anywhere in a professional way (well, that's what Diane from 2012 thought), so I would put that aside as my hobby and start focusing more on fashion and editorial, I loved everything about it.

At least something never changed, I was telling stories, my model was my character, and they were the protagonist of whatever was happening in the picture.

Years and life, took me here, to California, and the cosplay scene here is bigger, better and even overwhelming sometimes (in a good way, if that's possible)

2017 was the year I started going to Conventions in the U.S, but not as photographer yet, as Cosplayer. I had the perfect partner in crime, my husband, to build our cosplays from scratch and go on adventures. But.. wait, a cosplayer needs photos.

I started taking photos of my husband with his cosplays because, well, I'm a photographer! It took us a little bit of time and being less busy to realize we could put a little more of magic in our cosplay journey and take amazing photos recreating the characters we like.

Yes, we were doing it on and off, taking some photos of each other in cons (short for convention, just in case) with the phone, some outside home sometimes, but never using my profession and skill to give more of a professional look to our passion.

At some point, with all these, something clicked in my mind. Suddendly it was like: Wait, cosplay photography is like my "I want to be a photographer with cinematic style" days.

I could put the same passion, trying to bring those characters to life, making them look not just like people dressing up, but like characters in real life! That BLEW UP MY MIND.

Now, I can say openly and loud, I'm a cosplay photographer. I have been a cosplay photographer since 2009, since I realized there's a part in me that just want to bring fantasy to life, that want to make impossible things real.

Also, working with cosplayers is one of the best things. They love what they do, they believe in it, and you can see that in every single photo.

I had the pleasure to work with 3 great cosplayers in Anime Los Angeles (Ontario) , this past week ( Renna Cosplay, Pearl Bunny cosplays, and Autumn Dayss) and that was a great energy boost for what it's coming this year, because, yes, I'm a fashion and portrait photographer, but this year, I want to give a piece of my time to cosplay photography, and the more the better, because cosplay has a place in my heart, and working putting you heart into it, let me tell you, it is the best thing in life.

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